Duvet BJORN Provence


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The Bjorn Provence has a lifespan of at least 15 years. The specific feature is the filling. This is a composition of 90% Polish new goose down and 10% feathers. These geese give off large flakes of down, so little weight still provides warmth. Because there is a lot of air between the down flakes, it provides perfect insulation. The duvet is fully quilted in square stitching. This has the advantage that the down stays in place better. Thus, the whole body receives pleasant warmth. You should note that this duvet cannot be refilled or thinned. The ticking or cover is made of 100% mako cotton, fine percale. This is cotton whose thread is combed before being woven. The weave makes the fabric feel light yet very strong.


Duvet BJORN Provence

1 PERSON - 140x220 € 220,004 weeks
2 PERSON - 200x220 € 300,004 weeks
2 PERSON - 240x220 € 380,004 weeks