Duvet Eider HK


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Sustainability at its best and a leading circular product. That's the eiderdown duvet from Hanskruchen. It is the most exclusive down available. Eiderdown is durable, ultra-light, blissfully soft and cosy to lie under. Because these downs have no keel or hard part, it makes them super soft. The longevity cannot be described. This duvet is handed down from generation to generation. Behind this down is a beautiful and ecological story. The eiderdown used comes from the mother duck's breast. It is first used for warmth in their nest. After the 5-week incubation period, the ducks leave the nest and go into the water. Then experienced farmers (with a licence) can remove the down from the nests by hand. Per nest, you obtain only 1.5 grams of down in fill weight. For these farmers, it takes 8 hours to collect 1kg of raw material. This is what makes eiderdown so precious. It is a process that repeats itself annually. The ticking or casing in silver colour is made of 100% mako cotton, superfine noble batiste. This is a light and fine-grained fabric made of cotton. The weave makes the duvet feel light and very strong. The duvet is fully quilted in square stitching. This has the advantage that the down stays better in each place. Thus, the whole body receives pleasant warmth. You should note that this duvet cannot be refilled or thinned.


Duvet Eider HK

1 PERSON - 140x220 € 3.899,004 weeks
2 PERSON - 200x220 € 5.499,004 weeks
2 PERSON - 240x220 € 6.599,004 weeks