duvet Himmel BJORN


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For those who prefer a light filling and a duvet with a lifespan of at least 20 years, Bjorn Himmel Light offers the perfect solution. The fill weight of this duvet is 110g/m², with the special feature of 100% white goose down (Pilsener Original) filling originating from the Pilsen region in the Czech Republic. The geese in this region are optimally mature, resulting in remarkably large down flakes that offer warmth despite their light weight. The abundant air between the down flakes provides excellent insulation, and the duvet is also suitable for people with allergies. The light filling makes the duvet ideal for a blissful night's sleep during spring and summer. However, it can potentially be too warm during the hottest period of the year. To overcome this, consider using only a sheet or thin blanket, or open the window at night. Several factors, such as your body temperature, room temperature, the fabric of your nightwear and the climate, affect heat. It is recommended to use natural bedding and light nightwear in summer. For autumn/winter, the Bjorn Himmel Warm version is available.


duvet Himmel BJORN

1 PERSON - 140x220 € 485,004 weeks
2 PERSON - 200x220 € 655,004 weeks
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2 PERSON - 260x240 € 980,004 weeks