A. Who can buy from ArenasCollection?

B. Products and Designers

C. Choosing a Product

D. Return and order cancellation

E. Payment process

F. Delivery and costs

G. Registration and account

H. VAT identification number structure for EU countries


A. Who can buy from ArenasCollection? 

A.1 Do you sell to individuals?

Yes, our main activity is to serve individuals interested in decorating their homes and enhancing their interior design experience. We therefore also offer free decoration advice.

A.2 Do you sell to professionals with a discount?

Yes, we do conclude B2B contracts and do offer a professional discount on a case to case basis. Please contact us for more information at +32 471 90 47 11 or email to

 A.3 I'm an EU based company and I have a VAT number. How do I place my order without VAT?

If your company's headquarter is based in a member state of the European Union outside of Belgium you will need VAT identification number available when placing your order.

Please enter your VAT identification number together with your address details when registering your company. After successful validation of your VAT number via the VIES system (see also ), the VAT amount will become 0€ in your shopping cart. The delivery address must be the same as the company address.

A.4 I'm based outside the European Union, do I have to pay VAT or other taxes?

In case you order from a country outside of the European Union, your country will be recognized as such when placing your order and the VAT will automatically removed from the total amount, you'll be buying tax free.

Please note that your order will be subject to applicable customs and local taxes in your country. Customs and local taxes are to be born by you and are not included in our selling prices.

B. Products and Designers

B.1 Are all proposed products authentic?

All products offered by ArenasCollection are original brand products, described and pictured as completely and precisely as possible and in good faith. 

B.2 How can I stay informed about sales promotions?

We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about current sales promotions. You can also check the news section on our website. You can also follow us on Facebook.

C. Choosing a product

C.1 Do I get a discount if I order many items?

Yes, please contact us for a special discount on higher volume purchases. The more items you order, the higher the discount.

C.2 How can I order a product that is not listed on your website?

If you are looking for an item which you cannot find on, please do not hesitate to contact us at +32 471 90 47 11 or email to We are pleased to help you with your search and enhance your interior design experience. All you need to do is to provide us with some information about the product and we will scout it for you.

C.3 Can I purchase a gift voucher?

If you want to surprise somebody with a luxury designer gift, you can purchase a gift voucher. It will be sent to you within 2 to 5 working days without additional charges. The recipient of your voucher can then easily buy his or her gift from for the value declared on the voucher.

C.4 Can I order an item in a different color from the one you propose on your website?

Generally, what you see on our website is what is available. However, depending on the product and the quantity of your order, it is possible to propose items in a different color. Please do not hesitate to contact us at +32 471 90 47 11 or email to with your inquiry.

C.5 I have seen a specific designer product somewhere but I cannot find it. Can you find it for me?

Yes, we are happy to help you with your search. All you need to do is to provide us with some information about the item you are looking for (e.g. a photo, product description or where you have seen it etc.). To contact us, please use our “search & find” service.

C.6 I have seen a specific hotel design item but I don’t know the brand. Can you find it for me?

Yes, we are happy to help you with your search. All you need to do is to provide us with some information about the item you are looking for (e.g. a photo, product description or where you have seen it etc.). To contact us, please use our “search & find” service.

D. Return and order cancellation

D.1 How do I cancel an order?

Should you wish to cancel an order, you may notify us within 14 calendar days after reception of your order by sending an email to: The goods should be sent back undamaged, unused, unopened and in the original packaging within 5 working days of this notification.

However, cancellation is not possible for goods that have been made especially for you (= custom made products).

You can read our Terms and Conditions here.

D.2 How can I return a delivered item?

If you wish to return a purchased product, please notify us within 14 calendar days of reception. After that date, returns are not possible. Returning goods is not possible for custom made products.

It is important that you keep the product unused and unopened in the original packaging. 

You should make sure that the parcel is registered and insured and that the adequate postage is applied. We advise you to use a courier service. Please always include a copy of the invoice or delivery note as well as a cover letter mentioning your full account number (IBAN and BIC code). We will reimburse the paid amount for the returned goods (without shipping cost) within 30 days upon return reception and provided we receive them unused, unopened and in perfect condition in the original packaging.

The return address is:

P.V. Hotel Collection CV

Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat 93
2800 Mechelen, Belgium

D.3 What is the cost for returning an item?

We suggest you contact the courier service to find out what the shipping costs would be. Should you want us to organize the return, we can do so upon request. The return charge will be deducted from the reimbursement amount of the returned products.

E. Payment process

E.1 How can I be sure that my credit card details are treated in the most discrete and secure way?

Secure payment is an absolute priority for ArenasCollection. To guarantee a 100% secure transaction, we have called upon a certified company Mollie ( to process our payments. In fact, your credit card number is NEVER visible to any ArenasCollection employee. 

E.2 How can I pay for my purchase?

Once you have added items to your shopping cart and provided delivery information you can proceed to the payment of your order. The following payment methods are accepted: VISA, Mastercard, Bancontact, Paypal, iDEAL and SEPA Bank Transfer.

F. Delivery and costs

F.1 Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship to major european countries. If your country is included in the country drop down menu on our website we should be able to ship your order there. Other countries on request.

F.2 What do I do when I have received a damaged item?

Upon reception of your order please inspect the packaging thoroughly – if there is visible damage (dents, cracks, moisture, etc.) to the packaging, you need to state this on the transport document and add "subject to inspection due to damaged packaging" together with a description of the visible damage.

Please also inform ArenasCollection via within 24 hrs of reception of the goods with a photograph of the damaged goods and packaging.

It is important that both the goods and all packing material are kept available for a possible check by the insurance company.

Only in this case, we can receive complaints due to transport damage and involve our insurance.

In ALL other cases, always add “subject to inspection” to your signature at goods reception.

Please always thoroughly check the content within 24 hours of reception and notify any defects or damage promptly to

F.3 How long does the delivery take?

If you have ordered a product in stock it will be shipped within 2-3 working days upon confirmation and payment of your order. Should the product be out of stock, the estimated time till shipping will appear next to the product price on the website.

Please note that once we have shipped your order to you, we have no influence on the delivery date. Once we have sent your order you will receive an E-mail with the tracking code of your package. You can then track your delivery through the shipping company's website.

Please note that when you import an item or product originating from the European Union, custom regulations and procedures can delay the delivery time. This can vary from one country to another.

F.4 What are the shipping costs to my country?

The shipping costs per kilo decrease as the weight of the package increases. When you order multiple articles, the transport cost is calculated on the order as a whole. This will be shown instantly in your shopping cart as you order.

You should also take into account probable additional cost due to import taxes and customs.

F.5 How can I track my order?

It is possible to track your order through the shipping company's website. Upon confirmation of your order you will receive an E-mail stating the tracking code and a link to the shipping company's website.

F.6 Will I be informed in advance of the exact date of delivery?

You can find out about the expected delivery date via the shipping company's website. You will receive the tracking code via E-mail when your order is shipped. For the delivery of Pikolin matresses and beds, you will receive the shipping notification when your order has left the factory in Spain and is underway.

F.7 I live close by. Can I come to pick up the product myself and where?

Yes, for some stock products. Please contact us beforehand during opening hours at +32 471 90 47 11 for an appointment.

G. Registration and account

G.1 How can I be removed from the newsletter mailing list?

If you wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter you can do so via the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the newsletter.

G.2 I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

You can ask us for a password reset via E-mail.

G.3 Why would I create an account? What are the advantages?

If you are a frequent buyer of ArenasCollection products, it is certainly handy to register once, so that you do not have to reinsert your data each time you want to purchase items.

H. VAT identification number structure for EU countries

Member StateStructureFormat*
AT-Austria ATU99999999 1 block of 9 characters
BE-Belgium BE0999999999 1 block of 10 digits
BG-Bulgaria BG999999999 or
1 block of 9 digits or1 block of 10 digits
CY-Cyprus CY99999999L 1 block of 9 characters
CZ-Czech Republic CZ99999999 or
CZ999999999 or
1 block of either 8, 9 or 10 digits
DE-Germany DE999999999 1 block of 9 digits
DK-Denmark DK99 99 99 99 4 blocks of 2 digits
EE-Estonia EE999999999 1 block of 9 digits
EL-Greece EL999999999 1 block of 9 digits
ES-Spain ESX9999999X4 1 block of 9 characters
FI-Finland FI99999999 1 block of 8 digits
FR-France FRXX 999999999 1 block of 2 characters, 1 block of 9 digits
GB-United Kingdom GB999 9999 99 or
GB999 9999 99 9995 or
GBGD9996 or
1 block of 3 digits, 1 block of 4 digits and 1 block of 2 digits; or the above followed by a block of 3 digits; or 1 block of 5 characters
HU-Hungary HU99999999 1 block of 8 digits
IE-Ireland IE9S99999L 1 block of 8 characters
IT-Italy IT99999999999 1 block of 11 digits
LT-Lithuania LT999999999 or
1 block of 9 digits, or 1 block of 12 digits
LU-Luxembourg LU99999999 1 block of 8 digits
LV-Latvia LV99999999999 1 block of 11 digits
MT-Malta MT99999999 1 block of 8 digits
NL-The Netherlands NL999999999B998 1 block of 12 characters
PL-Poland PL9999999999 1 block of 10 digits
PT-Portugal PT999999999 1 block of 9 digits
RO-Romania RO999999999 1 block of minimum 2 digits and maximum 10 digits
SE-Sweden SE999999999999 1 block of 12 digits
SK-Slovakia SK9999999999 1 block of 10 digits


*: Format excludes 2 letter alpha prefix

9: A digit

X: A letter or a digit

S: A letter; a digit; "+" or "*"

L: A letter


1: The 1st position following the prefix is always "U".

2: The first digit following the prefix is always zero ('0').

3: The (new) 10-digit format is the result of adding a leading zero to the (old) 9-digit format.

4: The first and last characters may be alpha or numeric; but they may not both be numeric.

5: Identifies branch traders.

6: Identifies Government Departments.

7: Identifies Health Authorities.

8: The 10th position following the prefix is always "B".


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