Duvet Aurora BJORN


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The Bjorn Aurora is for people who like a fresh-feeling and light duvet with a lifespan of at least 20 years. What makes this one so special? That's the filling and the production process. The filling is 100% Arctic wild duck down. The production process of this starts in the region where the wild duck lives, namely the Arctic regions (Greenland and Iceland). There, they need to protect themselves from extreme cold and therefore create incredibly thick fur. The nest for the chicks is made with the mother duck's fur. Once they leave the nest, the down can be plucked out by hand. A characteristic of this duck species is that it has darker feathers. The duvet is completely quilted in square stitching. This has the advantage that the down stays better in each place. Thus, the whole body receives pleasant warmth. You should note that this duvet cannot be refilled or thinned. The ticking or casing is made of 100% mako cotton, superfine batiste. This is a light and fine-grained fabric made of cotton. The weave makes the duvet feel light and very strong.


Duvet Aurora BJORN

1 PERSON - 140x220 € 790,004 weeks
2 PERSON - 200x220 € 1.070,004 weeks
2 PERSON - 240x220 € 1.375,004 weeks
2 PERSON - 260x240 € 1.640,004 weeks