What is Normablock ®?

The Normablock technology is the most superior innerspring system that combines health and comfort when sleeping and ensures mattress' durability. Here's how: VIDEO

Low back support: The spring block Normablock® was designed to provide more firmness to the heaviest body area: the lower back area. The centre is reinforced with denser springs to provide greater resilience to sagging. By keeping the hip area from sinking into the mattress, Normablock® keeps your spine correctly aligned, ensuring a completely ergonomic position.

Independent Sleeping Zones:The springs are joined together by coils that span the sleeping surface from head to toe. Thanks to this design, the pressure on each individual spring is transferred to the longitudinally adjacent springs, but not to those located transversely on either side of it, preventing the transfer of pressure from one side of the sleeping surface to the other and creating two totally separate sleeping zones in double beds.

Larger Usable Area:The z-shaped spring design increases the wire density on the sleeping surface, eliminating any possible gaps and permitting the support to be transferred evenly to the body.The spring design extends the support features to the edges of the mattress, making the entire surface area apt for sleeping. The sides are more resistant because of the reinforced perimeter, making the mattress more durable in the area where it is used the most.

Maximum Durability: The NORMABLOCK® spring block uses the most technologically advanced continuous coil spring block system. This configuration eliminates joints between springs, minimising the risk of breaking and making the base last longer.

Total Thermal Treatment: All the spring block components receive a thermal treatment that ensures suitable elasticity and guarantees the full recovery of the initial shape.
What is NormActive ®?

NormActive ® is technologically advanced sleep concept present in some of the most superior spring mattress models. To be a NormActive ® mattress, it must necessarily have these two characteristics:

1. spring block Normablock ®.

2. padded with one or more of these materials: viscoelastic polyurethane foam and/or Optima ® foam

What is Triple Barrier ®?

Barrier that acts by blocking the three main sources of problems in a bed surface: bacteria, mites and fungi.

A proper hygiene of the bed will prevent the development of many allergic reactions. The peak incidence of allergies occurs during childhood and youth. Therefore, parents should have in mind some issues to improve the quality of life for their children. Pikolin, in their continuous effort to ensure hygiene on their bedding systems has developed and patented two technologies that seek to minimize the permanent presence of the three sources of health problems on a mattress: bacteria, dustmites and fungi.

  • > Prevents dustmites to appear.
  • > Prevents a broad spectrum of fungi to appear.
  • > Prevents and hinders the growth of bacteria in the broadest spectrum.
And of course, a totally safe treatment for humans.

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