New Pot Light - Paolo Rizzatto -50%

Serralunga - Paolo Rizzatto

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New Pot Light by Paolo Rizzatto for Serralunga.
A flowerpot in the traditional shape of a truncated cone, almost an original model of the shape itself, to reply in an elementary way to the old needs, which has been interpreted in a new and refined manner. New-Pot comes to life with this exact idea, designed by Paolo Rizzatto, to perfectly combine functionality and aesthetics. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Lighting set IP67 CE or UL consisting of: fluorescent energy saving bulb 20W E27, black cable 3m long, antisplash bipolar shuko plug, power supply for 220-240V (CE model) or 110-130V (UL model).


New Pot Light - Paolo Rizzatto -50%

New Pot Light - High 90cm/35" Ø 35cm - CE 220-240V € 134,712 in stock