Clothes Hanger Max by Chocomousse -30%


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The end of clothes on the floor of your dear children’s rooms… with these original clothing hangers: Claudia and Max. The base is of massive beech, the upright part is of birch veneer. The large base of 50x21cm/ 20”x8”. gives a huge stability. The wood is not treated and this offers the possibility to its (young) owner to customize it with a drawing, a name or the names of friends. Size Max: 107cm/42” high and 78cm/ 31” wide. Base: 21x50cm/ 20”x8”. Size Claudia: 141cm/56” high 78cm/ 31” wide. Foot: 50x21cm/ 20”x8”. Each piece is numbered and signed by the designer Eric Vandewinckel. Made in Belgium.


Clothes Hanger Max by Chocomousse -30%

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