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In 1956, Finn Juhl designed the TurningTray, now re-edited by ArchitectMade. It features a glossy two tone finish. Two in one: it is reversible and allows you to use the bright side for breakfast and serve dinner or drinks on the black side in the evening. The TurningTray has no handlebars, making it very harmonic and easy to use. The trays encompass many of Finn Juhl’s characteristic designs, especially the curved teak frame and corner joints are Finn Juhl trademarks. Handmade in teak and laminate. Available in 3 sizes and 4 color combinations. Real colors may differ slightly to the colours you see on your monitor. Video.


TURNINGTRAY - ArchitectMade -30%

Size 1: 45x23cm € 74,631 in stock
Size 2: 48x30cm € 86,202 weeks