Lighted LED Chiller -50%


From € 80,58

Classy elegant cordless champagne chiller that will set the mood made from high quality resin with aluminum. Provided with a built-in LED lighting system. Surely with this object, all will enjoy its light "dance". The touch controlled LED Chiller has two different operation modes: a mesmerizing fusion of infinite colors and a color freeze function to make sure the color of the Chiller is always adapted to the desired ambiance! Clear LED’s with long life cycle. Very suitable for use in a professional environment. Rechargeable with up to approximately 8 hours of use after full charging. External 220 volt adapter. 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz. Diameter 24,5cm/9,6” and 29,4 cm/11,6” high.

Lighted LED Chiller -50% € 80,583 weeks