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d-Zn - Knud Holscher

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The user as designer. Small bouquet – small vase. Large bouquet - large vase. Flowerwave is almost unbreakable and made of HGC (High Gravity Compound). The size and shape of FlowerWave from d-Zn is always commensurate with the size of any given flower arrangement. The user avoids having to store a variety of differently shaped vases each taking up space. Instead, one adjusts the vase to its surroundings. On an elongated table one may want a more rectangular vase, whereas a round table may inspire a more circular form. The color schemes are variable as well. 17cm/6.7" high, 14,3cm/5.6" wide, 8cm/3.1" deep.


FlowerWave Knud Holscher -40%

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