Bone China Candleholder by Rikke Jakobsen -20%

Rikke Jakobsen - Rikke Jakobsen

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Bone china is porcelain with 40 to 50% cattle bone ash. When you take in hand a piece of bone china, you will notice its lightness, and when touching it with a teaspoon it will “sing” like the famous crystal and watching it against the light, its beautiful transparency and brilliance will be discovered. Bone china has lasted through generations and are beautiful heirloom pieces to hand down to the next one. But don't be afraid to use it, it has extreme strength and is made to be enjoyed.


Bone China Candleholder by Rikke Jakobsen -20%

Candle Holder 17cm/ 6.7" - gold/red € 19,013 weeks