Duvet cover MIRABEL SLABBINCK Belladonna basic


From € 396,00

Slabbinck's classic is the basic. The technique is a completely plain fabric. The pillowcases are finished without a valance. The finish of the duvet cover is a bottle neck.

This is also available in other colors and qualities of satin. Each item is always custom made. As a result, we have no stock and we can also limit the fabric residues. The linen bags used to package the items are made from these fabric scraps.

Product info:
- Demolition: included (60x60cm)
- Finish: bottle neck
- Fabric: satin (100% cotton)

The price is based on a down cover with the above product information.


Duvet cover MIRABEL SLABBINCK Belladonna basic

1 PERSON - 140x220 € 396,002-3 weeks
2 PERSON - 240x220 € 701,002-3 weeks
2 PERSON - 260x240 € 796,002-3 weeks