Hotel Mattress VANCOUVER - Pikolin


From € 412,40

Sleep like you never dreamt off with a VANCOUVER mattress from Pikolin, real sleeping comfort! Pikolin has specially composed this mattress for luxury hotels ensuring a perfect sleep of their guests. Cellular material and ultra density polyether insulator provide a firm and durable mattress with exceptional adaptability. The Normablock® continuous coil is the most technologically advanced system of internal support on the market. Triple Barrier® The only patented total hygenic treatment against specific bedding funghi, dustmites and bacteria. Mattress height 26cm/10.24". Available in Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. Other countries upon request. See also the matching bed base Divanlin.


Hotel Mattress VANCOUVER - Pikolin

• 90x200cm / 35x79" 1 piece € 412,404 weeks
• 100x200cm/39x79" 1 piece € 445,454 weeks
• 160x200cm/ 63x79" 1 piece € 660,334 weeks
• 180x200cm /71x79" 1 piece € 704,964 weeks
• 80x200cm/31x79" x 2 pieces € 674,384 weeks
• 90x200cm/35x79" x 2 pieces € 734,714 weeks
• 100x200cm/ 39x79" x 2 pieces € 787,605 weeks