Hotel Mattress QUEBEC VISCO - Pikolin

Pikolin Contract

From € 712,00

Sleep like you never dreamt of with teh Pikolin Contract QUEBEC VISCO mattress, real sleeping comfort! Pikolin Contract has specially developped this mattress for luxury hotels ensuring a perfect sleep for their guests. Cellular material and ultra density polyether insulator provide a firm and durable mattress with exceptional comfort. Mattress height 29cm/12.6". The QUEBEC VISCO mattress is fire resistant. See also the matching bed bases Divanlin and Canapé as seen in luxury hotels, to ensure maximum stability and durability. Free bed skirt when purchasing a Pikolin Contract mattress and bed base. Available in Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. Other countries ans sizes upon request.


Hotel Mattress QUEBEC VISCO - Pikolin

• 90x200cm / 35x79" 1 piece € 712,005 weeks
• 100x200cm/39x79" 1 piece € 766,005 weeks
• 160x200cm/ 63x79" 1 piece € 1.096,005 weeks
• 180x200cm /71x79" 1 piece € 1.125,005 weeks
• 200x200cm/ 79x79" 1 piece € 1.269,005 weeks
• 80x200cm/31x79" x 2 pieces € 1.215,005 weeks
• 90x200cm/35x79" x 2 pieces € 1.279,005 weeks
• 100x200cm/ 39x79" x 2 pieces € 1.433,005 weeks
option zips on both sides € 89,005 weeks