Hotel Mattress QUEBEC - Pikolin

Pikolin Contract

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Sleep like never before with a Pikolin Contract QUEBEC mattress, real sleeping comfort! Pikolin Contract has specially composed this bed for luxury hotels ensuring a perfect sleep of their mattress, real sleeping comfort! This mattress provides a sustainable night's sleep thanks to the NormActive ® technology, a firm mattress with exceptionally good adaptability and lasting resilience. The cellular material and the soft insulating surface layer provide exceptional comfort. TripleBarrera ®: removes and prevents dust mites, bacteria and fungus. Mattress height 29cm/11.4" . Fire resistant cover. See also the matching bed bases Divanlin and Canapé as seen in luxury hotels, to ensure maximum stability and durability. Free bed skirt when purchasing a Pikolin Contract mattress and bed base. Available in Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. Other countries ans sizes upon request.


Hotel Mattress QUEBEC - Pikolin

• 90x200cm / 35x79" 1 piece € 558,685 weeks
• 100x200cm/39x79" 1 piece € 599,175 weeks
• 160x200cm/ 63x79" 1 piece € 877,695 weeks
• 180x200cm /71x79" 1 piece € 938,845 weeks
• 200x200cm/ 79x79" 1 piece € 1.060,335 weeks
• 80x200cm/31x79" x 2 pieces € 941,325 weeks
• 90x200cm/35x79" x 2 pieces € 980,175 weeks
• 100x200cm/ 39x79" x 2 pieces € 1.056,205 weeks
option zips on both sides € 73,555 weeks