PURE HERBS Press + Wash Innovation


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The patented dispenser system from the hotel industry is now available for your home. Comfortable handling, economic, decorative Design and environmental compatibility from ADA.The opening and closing of bottles or tubes is often difficult when washing hands or while taking a shower or applying body lotion. A light pressure on the bottle body is sufficient to release the necessary portion. Pure Herbs from ADA contains valuable herbs that has been passed down from traditional spa rituals. This body care series works like a treatment with fresh spring water, in pure air, surrounded by flowering mountain meadows in an untouched alpine landscape. Gentle Liquid Soap. Shampoo Hair & Body.


PURE HERBS Press + Wash - body care

Pure Herbs Shampoo Hair & Body 300ml € 10,706 in stock

Press + Wash - holder

Holder self-adhesive: White € 14,463 in stock
Holder to screw: White € 13,642 in stock
Holder self-adhesive: Chrom € 20,623 in stock
Holder to screw: Chrom € 18,979 in stock

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