Bestseller - Aerelle Plus Pillow - Pikolin

Pikolin Contract

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Enjoy an exclusive fibre from Pikolin Contract, incomparably soft, ultra-light and completely breathable. The removable cover, in exclusive Chintz fabric, protects the cloth from stains. Filled with carded siliconed hollowfibre Dacron Aerelle ®: provides completely adaptable support and quick recovery capacity. Machine washable and dryable without the fibre becoming lumpy. Ultrafresh ® treatment against dust mites, bacteria, smells and fungal growth. Medium firmness. Available from 2 pieces on; height 40cm and widths 70/80/90/100/105cm when purchasing a Pikolin mattress or bed base. Matching pillowcases from De Witte Lietaer available.


Bestseller - Aerelle Plus Pillow - Pikolin

Aerelle pillow 80x40cm - 2 pieces € 96,004 in stock